SALT Translation, LLC uses professional, accredited human translators from all over the world to match the specific language and dialect needs of our clients. SALT linguists translate documents, interpret for corporate meetings, and provide voice over service. With over 8 years of service excellence, we ensure effortless communication for your clients and employees between over 80 languages. Our translators specialize in specific fields within translation (advertising, science, industry, HR, law, etc.) to ensure that your target text uses the same vocabulary as your source text. And in order to ensure a smooth and stress-free process for you from start to finish, we assign a dedicated project manager to your project to guide you through the life of the project. We understand that your multilingual communications need to be easy to take care of, but also professional and efficient. Let us help you create a positive and lasting impression on your clients and employees through our language service.

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How To Utilize Translation?

SALT’s clients use our language services for everything from translating HR manuals, to creating multilingual print-ready advertising, to translating safety signs for the shop floor of their manufacturing plants. For professional translations completed properly the first time, thus saving you money, you need a translator who specializes in translation within their specific field (advertising, science, industry, HR, law, etc.) SALT linguists are experts in their field, and SALT clients return time and again for professional multilingual and international communications, requesting their favorite interpreter or linguist. A professional, effective, and knowledgeable translator or interpreter will provide more than just linguistic communication, but will also serve as a cultural coach, helping you to navigate a new world of languages, customs, and traditions. Translation is part of our world, and professional, effective, translation helps SALT’s businesses thrive in an interconnected multicultural world. Contact SALT today for a free quote, or to book your specialized linguist and cultural coach.